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Quiet Generators – A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Best

We live in the world where electricity has become so essential. It is impossible to imagine one’s life without it. Luckily, as the technological progress runs forward to produce new fantastic gadgets it also creates devices designed to produce the necessary electrical power. The selection of quiet generators available on the market today is huge, so you would have no problems of finding the best option for you.

Buying a quiet portable generator of your own allows you not to be dependent on the power plants as well as enables you to use your gadgets anywhere and anytime. If you manage to pick the perfect device for your needs, you’ll be able to enjoy your comfortable lifestyle even in the middle of a forest. This detailed buying guide will help you understand the differences between the devices available on the market and determine which small quiet generator would work best for you personally.

small quiet generatorWEN 56200iMedium
2000/1600 watts
Small (18x11x18in)GasMedium (6hrs)Very Low (51 dBA)Medium
Honda EU1000i Small Quiet GeneratorHonda EU1000iLow
1000/900 watts
Small (19x15.9x11in)GasMedium (8.3hrs)Low
(53 dBA)
Yamaha EF2000iSv2 quiet portable GeneratorYamaha EF2000iSv2Medium
2000/1600 watts
Small (17.9x11x19.3in)GasHigh (10.5hrs)Low
(51.5 dBA)
small silent generatorWestinghouse WH2400iMedium
2400/2100 watts
Small (16.5x10.7x19in)GasHigh
Medium (59 dBA)Medium
quiet solar generator goal zeroGoal Zero Yeti 150Low
80 watts
Very Small (7.6x6.8x5.8in)Solar / Power BankLow (150Wh, 14000 mAh)NoiselessLow

Buying Quiet Generators: Features to Look For

You should start with researching these devices in general so that you can understand what exactly they can do for you and which of their features matter most. When shopping for a silent generator, the things you should look for include:

Think about how many gadgets you will need to power simultaneously and what kinds of ports they use. Be sure to purchase appropriate power cords that would match the power output of the generator. Check out our WATTAGE Chart to help figure out how much power you will need.

A quiet portable generator usually produces 1000-2000 watts, which is perfectly enough to power laptops, smartphones, lights, and a few other essential gadgets. What you really need to look at in terms of power is the output stability. The most important reason to buy modern quiet generators as opposed to a regular standby model is that these small devices are extremely stable, so they can be used to power sensitive electronics directly. A regular generator, on the other hand, can ‘fry’ your precious smartphone in a minute.

Fuel Type
Unless you are looking for a specialty generator to integrate with your diesel or propane motorhome, you should be good with a gasoline powered portable generator. Some RVs are designed to use an onboard generator that hooks up with a separate fuel source. You can refer to your RV user manual to determine what it is designed for and any other recommendations. Another thing to consider is the flexibility of using a portable generator that can be used as an emergency generator for your home.

Run Time
How long would the generator work when running non-stop? This is one of the most important questions to ask, especially if you plan to use it during extended camping trips. You’ll need the answer to determine how much fuel you need to pack.

best rv generator maintenanceBe sure to check if the generator is certified and complies with the safety standards in your country/state. This is an electrical device that runs on fuel, so a poor-quality piece is a serious fire hazard.

Buying a silent generator that produces clean power does not only protect you from breathing in harmful emissions while using the device but helps protect the planet as well. Look for models with the highest level of fuel efficiency as this will also make the piece more cost efficient.

You should always look for the quietest generator possible, especially if you want to use it for camping. Otherwise, the device would be extremely irritating and may even damage your hearing. The best quiet models today put out 50-60 dB of sound.

Consider your budget before you start looking for a super quiet generator as the prices of these devices vary anywhere from less than $200 to over $1,000. Remember that the price is not the determining factor for the quality of the device. Look at the technical characteristics and safety+quality certificates to assess the real value of the piece. You can sort all of our Generator Reviews by price range here.

Reasons to Buy a Small Quiet Generator

Nowadays, everyone needs to have a silent generator on hand, if only for the emergency purposes. Just think of how many electronic devices you have at home and what would happen in case of a blackout. Should the power to your property be cut for some reason, many of the things you take for granted will simply stop working.

Quiet generators ensure that this doesn’t happen. Even if you have only one of them, you would be able to ensure that the most important electronic appliances keep working at all times. This will protect you both in case of a planned power shutdowns and in emergencies.

If you love hiking, a quiet portable generator is a must-have item. As these devices are rather small, you can easily take them with you no matter how far away from the civilization you plan to go. With a generator, you can use all the most important comforts provided by electricity even when you are on top of some remote mountain or in a cabin hidden in the woods.

Portable quiet generators are also excellent helpers for construction workers. You can use them to power various equipment on a property that doesn’t have power yet or has it cut down to reduce the risk of accidents during renovation.

Top 5 Quiet Generators Comparison Guide


small quiet generator
If you are looking for the very best small quiet generator, the WEN 56200i is exactly what you need. This device offers an extremely high level of fuel efficiency and produces 1600 rated watts and 2000 surge watts of clean energy. It’s powerful enough to be used at either campgrounds or construction sites. Most importantly, it’s stable and can effectively power sensitive electronics, including TVs, computers, smartphones, etc.

The Wen 56200i can limit harmonic distortion to about 0.3% (no load) and keep it under 1.2% at full load. It’s a truly super quiet generator as it operates at only 51 dB, which is actually quieter than a regular conversation (60 dB).

This inverter generator is equipped with an ERA III and CARB Compliant 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine. It has the overload protection feature as well as a low-oil shutdown feature. Both help keep the device safe and prolong its life along with the low-fuel automatic shutdown feature. The Wen is a great sample of the 21st energy source as it even has an eco-mode. It also has:

  • 5V USB port – one
  • 12V DC receptacle – one
  • Three-prong 120V receptacle – two
  • Parallel connection ports
  • Pull cord
  • Carrying handle


Honda EU1000i Quiet Generator
This tiny device may produce only 1000 watts of power, but it’s definitely one of the best quiet generators from Honda. It’s perfect for maintaining the work of fans, lights, small power tools, and gadgets. The most important benefit of this quiet portable generator is its high mobility as the piece weighs only 29 lbs. You can easily carry it everywhere with you, even when going on a hiking expedition.

The extremely high level of fuel efficiency is another huge advantage of the Honda EU1000i. It can run up to at ¼ load for about 8.3 hours on only o.6 gal of gas. Which means it’s the best option for extended camping trips when your ability to carry much fuel is limited.
Being a super quiet generator, this model from Honda operates only at 53-59 dB.

  • Three-prong 120V receptacle – two
  • 1000 watts, 120V
  • Runs for 3.8-8.3 hours on a single tank, depending on the load

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 – SEE FULL DETAILS

Yamaha small quiet generators
This small quiet generator from Yamaha is nothing short of amazing. It even has a stylish design, so you can use it to make your campsite stand out, or as a useful centerpiece on a beach party. The EF200iSv2 quietly powers a variety of devices. As it’s an inverter generator, it can be used for sensitive electronics of any kind. It has the output of 1600 watt rated and 2000 watt maximum, and only weights 45 lbs.

This is definitely the quietest generator you can find in its range as it’s equipped with a super-quiet muffler that features a USFS-approved spark arrestor. As the result, the device operates at 51.5 dB when at ¼ of load.

The fuel economy offered by Yamaha quiet generators is always good, but the EF2000iSv2 takes it to a new level due to the introduction of Smart Throttle. It allows to change the engine speed based on the load. The device also has a variety of safety features that will protect the motor and the equipment itself from damage due to low fuel, overheating, etc. The at-a-glance fuel gauge allows you to keep track of the fuel level easily. The OHV engine is reliable and will serve you well for years.

  • 120V AC outlets – two
  • DC outlet – one
  • Runs for 10.5 hours at ¼ rated load on a single tank of gas

Westinghouse WH2400i – SEE FULL DETAILS

small portable quiet generator
Whenever you need to have a power supply away from home, the WH2400i from Westinghouse would be able to help. This is one of the best quiet generators on the market. It can produce 2100 running watts of power and keep the noise level to a minimum. The device features the increased fuel efficiency technology and a 1.3 gallon tank that can keep it running all night at a quarter load.

One of the best things about this (and any other Westinghouse small quiet generator) is that the device is as safe as it’s possible to achieve with this kind of equipment. Note that you can double its power by connecting it to another Westinghouse generator via a parallel power cord.

When running at 50% load, the generator produces only 59 dB of sound, which is a bit less than a normal conversation, so you can comfortably place it anywhere and don’t worry about the noise. It’s perfectly safe for sensitive electronics and weighs only 43 pounds, so you can carry it anywhere with ease.

  • EPA/CARB compliant
  • USB outlets – two
  • 120V AC outlets – two
  • High-efficiency run mode
  • Works for 11 hours on a single fuel tank at 25% load

Goal Zero 22004 Yeti 150 – SEE FULL DETAILS

quiet solar generator goal zero
The Goal Zero Yeti 150 stands out among other quiet generators due to the fact that it’s gas-free. Instead of the ‘traditional’ fuel you can recharge it from the wall power outlet, car charger, or a solar panel. This is a truly eco solution for those who need little portable power and want to have an eco-friendly source of electricity. Please note that the car charger and solar panel aren’t included in the original package.

This silent generator is truly silent, extremely portable, and can become a favorite of any hiker. Even if you prefer traveling light, the Goal Zero Yeti 150 will easily fit into your backpack. The device can power any type of sensitive electronics and can handle over two full laptop recharges. Despite its small size, it’s a real silent powerhouse, which is perfect for emergencies.

  • AC port – one
  • USB port – two
  • 12V port – two
  • 150Wh, 14000mAh capacity

Find the Best Quiet Generators: The Bottom Line

When you are shopping for a silent generator, you should always think of the purpose for buying it first. This will determine whether you need to look for the smallest portable model or one large and powerful enough to support various electronic devices for extended periods of time.

There are many great quiet generators on the market, and each has its specific advantages. You should look for devices that operate at under 60 dB noise so that you can feel comfortable when using it. You also need to consider the fuel capacity and type of fuel used. If you are an avid hiker who likes to explore remote areas, you should pick out a generator that can be powered by the sun. Otherwise, you’ll have to carry around lots of fuel along with the other camping equipment.

If you seek a small quiet generator to power your home’s essential appliances in case of an emergency, you can use one with moderate power output and large enough fuel tank to run for over 8 hours. If you are a contactor planning to power different equipment on construction sites, you must check out the power requirements of your tools and look for a generator to match them.

We hope this comparison guide will help you navigate the market of quiet generators and pick the one that will be perfect for you and your personal needs.

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