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Best Portable Generators
Portable Generators

Best RV Generators

RV GeneratorWe have looked at dozens of portable generators and determined that these are the best RV generators available. It is no easy task to decide on a RV generator. There are several features to consider and most of the time, the features don’t exactly go together in a perfect package.

A more powerful generator can sometimes be too big for the space available. More efficiency in a generator may not be an option depending on the fuel source readily available in your area. The RV generators in our final selection earned their placement after several careful considerations of what is really needed in a generator to power your recreational vehicle! Let’s take a look at some of the important features that we focused on in making our selection.

Portable GeneratorChampion 75537iMedium
3100/2800 watts
Medium (17.5x18.5x27in)GasMedium (8hrs)Low
(58 dBA)
WEN Portable GeneratorWen 56352Medium
3500/3000 watts
Medium (17x17x23in)GasHigh (11hrs)Medium
(67 dBA)
champion 46596 quiet rv generatorChampion 46596High
4000/3500 watts
Medium (17.5x17.8x23.2in)GasHigh (12hrs)Medium
(67 dBA)
rv generatorDuroStar DS4000SHigh
4000/3300 watts
Medium (17.5x18x23in)GasMedium (8hrs)Medium
(69 dBA)
honda quietest generator for rvHonda EU20000ILow
2000/1600 watts
Small (11.4x16.8x20.1in)GasLow (3.4 hrs @ max)Low
(53 dBA)



Best RV GeneratorThe first thing you need to figure out is how much power you need for your RV and accessories. You typically want to get an estimated ranged based on the amenities in your RV plus any other electrically powered devices that you plan on using while on your expedition. Portable generators are meant to serve as a temporary power source for planned energy usage.

You will want to get familiar with how many watts of power the appliances in your RV use, as well as external devices. Wattage used can typically be found on the back or side of the device. You can also refer to the user manual for power consumption. Calculate the watts needed by using Amps and Volts required. Multiply the devices required Amps by the required Voltage to get to the need Watts. Often, you should take your total estimated watt usage and aim to get a generator rated for something higher. Most devices will require temporarily higher wattage upon starting the device.

Size & Portability

Knowing how much power you need becomes very important. The more power needed to run your devices, the more fuel & larger generator size typically required. We recommend getting a little more power than you think you need in case you need it. Mostly, it depends on the space you have available for a generator.

Fuel Type

Unless you are looking for a specialty generator to integrate with your diesel or propane motorhome, you should be good with a gasoline powered portable generator. Some RVs are designed to use an onboard generator that hooks up with a separate fuel source. You can refer to your RV user manual to determine what it is designed for and any other recommendations. Another thing to consider is the flexibility of using a portable generator that can be used as an emergency generator for your home.

Run Time

This works alongside the size & power of the generator. Portable generator technology has greatly improved over the past several decades and many can offer great run-times in a small package. Many generators can also operate at lower output levels to extend run-time during nighttime or periods of low energy usage.


best rv generator maintenanceThe generators we have recommended were built to last. With any gas-powered machine, there are some tips & tricks that you can remember to prolong the life of your portable generator as well as ensure it operates at an efficient level when you need it. There are a few main types of maintenance : Routine maintenance, Preventative maintenance, and Storage guidelines. Also, keep in mind that it is important to be aware of carbon monoxide poisening, only run your generator in a properly ventilated area, and be aware of the warning symptons of CO symptoms.


A perfect generator for an RV is a quiet one! You can’t find a RV generator that is completely noiseless, but it is an important thing to consider. Noise level should be a concern if you plan on taking your RV to public campgrounds. We have taken this into consideration when recommending the best generators for the job.


Portable generators are not cheap! If you have a certain price range, keep in mind the tradeoffs associated with the cheapest options. Typically, you will want to stay away from the generators that are extremely less expensive than others. If you want something that is going to last and serve as a necessary tool for your RV adventures, make sure you thoroughly read the reviews and specs to make sure it is what you need. That being said, getting the generator you need for the best price is what we are here to help with!

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